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Giordana EXO System™ garments mark the advent of an entirely new class of performance cycling apparel. The unique construction centers around the strategic placement of panels and fabrics to enhance muscle performance, reduce drag, and keep the lightest garments possible. EXO is an abbreviation for EXternal Optimization. This collection embodies that name by providing the recovery benefits of compression to your bib knickers and bib shorts while combining compression, aerodynamics, and super-lightweight fabrics to the long sleeve and short sleeve jerseys. The bib knickers take EXternal Optimization to the extreme by utilizing stabilization panels around the knee to keep it strong and facilitate uniform pedal strokes. Compression benefits can only be utilized on the forearms of the long sleeve jersey as restrictions around the stomach and chest suppress breathing and would allow less oxygen to enter the body. NEW A.i. One™ is the ultimate in performance fabric utilizing a special weave on the inside layer of the material to maximize breathability next to the skin while the outer layer moves moisture to keep the body comfortable while offering excellent UV protection. This outer layer is also made from recycled materials. A.i. One™ is also antimicrobial and adaptive to regulate a consistent core temperature. This is used on the front panels that wrap around to the center back panel of the jersey. The EXO Long Sleeve Jersey is defined by its ability to add compression in the only area where it can be for a jersey: The forearms - from the elbow to the wrist. This area of the upper body and below the knee for the lower body are places where the blood does not flow back to the heart as easily. Targeting these areas is EXO's top priority. The EXO Long Sleeve jersey usesMoovix™ fabric, a nylon/Lycra® material, that has a unique honeycomb structure that allows it to stretch not just in the traditional two directions, but on the bias too. Moovix™ provides a higher compression rate than other materials in the line for those who prefer more compression in their bib shorts This omnidirectional elasticity creates a micro-massaging effect on the muscles that promotes blood flow during activity and can help delay the onset of fatigue Asteria 2.0™ is incredibly lightweight and is used on the shoulders, sleeves, and center back panel for optimal aerodynamics. Host Carbon™ is used for the rear panels and limits stretch of the jersey when the pockets are loaded. Kite Mesh™ aids in the lightness and breathability of the jersey around the pocket and under the arms. LoPro 30™ is a new material used for the arm bands and waist band. These printed cuffs are extremely low profile and aerodynamic with silicone gripper threads on the inside. The no-profile collar takes queues from aerodynamic skin suits to decrease drag while descending. Full CamLock™ reversed zipper and three rear pockets with flap for an aerodynamic profile. All these features combine to make EXO the most unique garment in cycling today.