Eddy Merckx - MXM Carbon
Eddy Merckx - MXM Carbon

Eddy Merckx - MXM Carbon

Eddy Merckx

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Vintage Bikes section

You got to love it when you find older "gems"  in our warehouse from over the years. These are some of the vintage frames we found.  Brand new out of the box and defined to the age they were born. 

2005 Handmade Carbon Fiber Monocoque Frame.

  • A true monocoque frame. Formed in one piece with no internal or external reinforcements of any other materials. This eliminates the chance of creaking, squeaking or movement of the frame as a result of materials shifting or rubbing against one another. 
  • Over 100 layers of various types of carbon fiber and kevlar are used in the construction of this frame.
  • The outer layer (the only one that is visible) is a highly resistant carbon mesh, which protects against the normal external forces bicycles face. 
  • KEVLAR fiber layers are used in critical high stress areas. 
  • Linear noo aerospace carbon fiber and high modulus carbon fiber are oriented to stiffen the structure of the frame where necessary. 
  • Cured in an autoclave with 6 atmospheres pressure at 180 degrees centigrade. This compacts all the layers and forces out any air that may be trapped between layers.
  • High modulus carbon fiber Eddy Merckx fork, 1 1/8" steering column. 
  • Frame, fork and carbon fiber seatpost. 
  • Sizes: EM Sloping geometry; 47cm, 50cm.