discounts allowed (but not on sale items)

created for the discount code system. Everything in this automatic category ca be discounted using a coupon code. Its made so that you can stops "sale" items from being discounted even more if someone tries to use a coupon/discount code. Discount codes won't be applied to sale items IF you put an item on sale MAKE SURE YOU put the original price in the "compare at price" on the product page. Then the sale price goes into the "price" field. By adding a compare at price that is bigger than 0 , the item will be removed from this category and therefore discount codes won't be allowed to be used on it. When it is no longer on sale, put the original non-sale price back in the "price" field on the product page and put a 0 in the "compare at price" .. YOU MUST PUT A 0 IN THAT FIELD OR ELSE is won't allow discount codes to be applied
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