OPERA - Canova FP (by Pinarello)

OPERA - Canova FP (by Pinarello)


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You got to love it when you find older "gems"  in our warehouse from over the years. These are some of the vintage frames we found.  Brand new out of the box and defined to the age they were born. 

2006 The Canova FP used the same tube shapings and Monocoque construction as the Leonardo FP but the carbon fiber is 30HM3k.  The Canova also shares the same wave shaped carbon fork and seatstay shaping of the Leonardo. The MO.st oversized bottom bracket guarantees a powerful sprint with all energy going into forward motion, but it accepts all standard sized bottom bracket assemblies.   Ridden by Team Illes Balears-Banesto, which succeeds iBanesto.com as one of the top Spanish Division I teams for 2004