2014 DOGMA HYDRO "K" (#824 BKRD)


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The bike of Champions, the icon of road bikes, is now available also with hydraulic disc brakes! Same geometries, the same identical feeling of riding, but with the addition of a new braking system. A name that means, everywhere in the world of Cycling, 'the maximum': DOGMA The 2014 Dogma K Hydro is the perfect combination between comfort and uncompromising performance Key differences from the Dogma 65.1 frame are the seat angle with an inclination of about one degree less, lesser steering angle varying between 0.5 degrees difference in the smaller frames and 1.5 degrees in the bigger frames The Dogma K Hydro 65.1 Think2 has 135mm rear spacing for disc brake hubs and just like the Dogma 65.1 is the perfect frame which contains everything that a rider could ever dream of: absolute performance, stiffness, explosive power, precision, all with the unique Pinarello design. The DOGMA K Hydro uses the best carbon fiber available; Torayca 65 Ton HM 1K with Nanoalloy technology, exclusively from Toray the Japanese carbon giant and only available to Pinarello At first glance it looks similar to the Dogma2, but upon closer examination you’ll notice the new Dogma 65.1 Think 2 has the highest grade and strength carbon available from any manufacturer. Toray 65-ton Torayca 65HM1K Nanoalloy Carbon, the strongest carbon Toray has ever produced. This gave Pinarello the ability to lighten the frame without compromising ride quality, rigidity or strength. The new Dogma K Hydro 65 can also allow for both mechanical and electrical drive trains. A new fork descended from the ONDA2 is called ONDA HD (Hydraulic Disk) designed especially for the new braking system. The fork is more integrated with the frame By adding a tail to the fork at the crown and reshaping the downtube interface, the air flow has been smoothed out around the brake and fork crown Another Hydro specific feature are the New chainstays to accommodate the new RAD braking system derived from our DOGMA XC - Disc brakes in a granfondo soul The ribbing around the headtube and top of the downtube has also been reduced to help with airflow The new ONDA HD fork now also features a steerer tube tapering from 1-1/8” to 1-1/2” at the crown -- increasing the rigidity at the front end by 19% while allowing for more shaping to improve the aerodynamics The resistance to air flow has been reduced by 6% and the increased rigidity in the front end improves braking, cornering, accelerating and sprinting performance Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis has also led to the reduction of ribbing on the rear stay Together these refinements have helped improve the pedal action symmetry by 6% compared to the Dogma2 and in conjunction with the Onda HD fork has increased lateral rigidity by 14% The asymmetry of the toptube is now even more pronounced compared to the Dogma2 and in conjunction with the Onda HD fork has increased lateral rigidity by 14% The enhanced asymmetry of the Dogma 65 is evident throughout the frame To further enhance the aerodynamics of the Dogma K Hydro 65, there is now internal routing through the downtube for the derailleur cables as well as the hydraulic disc brakes If you opt for electronic shifting, a new sleeker battery mount and a new approach to internal cable routing (iCR by Pinarello LAB) ensure full compatibility with all electronic shifting systems available