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Face Masks
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Face Masks


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The most lightweight, breathable, and comfortable masks. They stretch to fit virtually any face and do not pull on the ears or cause sores. Wonderful to wear and easily washed. Makes wearing masks bearable!

Features + Benefits

  • Lightweight and breathable fabric with 4-way stretch and UV protection
  • Treated with VIRO BLOCK* and water-repellent
  • Cut from a single piece of material with no added elastic or piping for optimum comfort
  • Seams on top of the nose and under the chin contour the mask to the face
  • Laser-cut loops wrap around the ears to keep secure
  • Aluminum nose bridge adjusts to optimize fit and hold the mask to the face
  • Washable in warm water dry on medium heat
  • Made in Italy
  • Non-medical mask
  • Available in CUSTOM printing - call our office for more info.
  • (Once purchased and worn, return policy is void)
* Fabrics treated with Viro Block inhibit viruses and kill bacteria upon contact. By keeping the textile free of viable viruses and bacteria, Viro Block treated textiles help to minimize the potential for retransmission of pathogens from textiles.